HousingNinja is an interactive online property and matter management marketplace that connects clients/Users to high-quality real estate professionals/Partners in India. HousingNinja.com makes it extremely easy, affordable, and fast for Users to hire real estate professionals, such as real estate lawyers, real estate brokers/agents, promoters/developers, surveyors, tax experts and other independent real estate advisors.

We provide a transparent, trustworthy, cost-effective and seamless real estate platform that promotes quality real estate services through our network of experienced and qualified real estate Partners.

HousingNinja Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a global benchmark for property management and real estate protection in India.

HousingNinja Mission

Our mission is to build a transparent, trustworthy, cost-effective, seamless and online property-management marketplace that promotes quality real estate services through our network of experienced and qualified real estate Partners in India.

Value for Users

Our Partners have been verified and Users are constantly rating and reviewing their services. We believe in an open and transparent platform, and our system is designed to offer the best services in real estate. At HousingNinja, we believe that the right information helps you make the right choices. Our system is designed to offer your the best real professionals in India based on your matter requirements, your budget, and your time-frame for the tasks. Our platform helps you schedule tasks, track progress, and manage your properties in India, from any part of the world.

Protect your Property

We understand that property is your biggest asset. We offer housing estate services to book and pay directly on our platform. We also allow you to track the progress of your matter, schedule tasks, receive rich insights about your property, securely exchange documents on our platform, and receive real-time update about your property. You can also discuss your property issues over an email, video chat session, schedule office meetings, or consult with any of our real estate professionals from the comfort of your home/office. HousingNinja does not charge Users anything as platform fees. We are dedicated to our Users and our services are designed to revolutionize the property sector in India.

How does HousingNinja work for Users?

Follow the User Ninja Four-Step process

1. Fill out the forms based on your need and location of service requirements
2. Our system connects you to top rated real estate professionals
3. Pay as you go based on the services you need, rate the partner on completion of service
4. Track your matter progress, receive insights about your property

Check out our free and open property and housing Real Estate Forum, where Users can post questions, and receive free answers from top-quality real estate professionals in India.

Value for Real Estate Professionals

HousingNinja is a property management marketplace dedicated to Partners. We provide matter management, billing, documents exchange, scheduling, profitability insights, and real estate training. We are focused on the real estate market in India, and we believe in creating social impact through the multiple job opportunities that we create for our Partners across India.

Built Specifically for Professionals by Real Estate Experts

Produced with the cooperation and advice of real estate experts and professionals, HousingNinja is cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and built specifically for real estate lawyers, agents/brokers, tax accountants, investors, promoters/developers, and other real estate advisors. We deliver all the modern tools needed to run a successful busines: matter updates, scheduling, document management, client communications, client billing/invoicing, task management, and much more. However, we also believe that technology is just one part of the equation to a successful business. Thus we have integrated our platform with industry professionals to help you train in the best practices for running a successful real estate business. From matter management, to real estate licenses, certifications, RERA registration, legal tools, and marketing guidance - HousingNinja is dedicated to help grow your business. Let us manage your business, while you can focus on providing the real estate services that matters to your clients.

How does HousingNinja work for Partners?

Follow the Partner Ninja Four-Step process

1. Become a Partner on our platform and get verified
2. Connect with existing clients or new Users, schedule tasks and bill for services
3. Build your ratings and receive training to become a top rated real estate professional
4. Focus on providing services, while HousingNinja manages and grows your business


HousingNinja is not a law firm, and we do not provide any legal services, legal advice or "lawyer referral services". HousingNinja does not participate in any legal representation. The information, real estate forum, news, blog, legal forms, legal opinion, images, material and any views expressed on our platform is purely meant for and intended for educational and informational purposes only, and based solely on the personal understanding and knowledge of the participating Users and individual Partners. The information and material does not constitute and shall not be deemed to constitute any advertisement, invitation, solicitation, offer or sale of any builder/promoter product offerings. Our services are a exclusively limited to software application that helps Users and Partners manage their properties and matters respectively.

While some of our Partners and staff members are lawyers, we are not a practicing law firm and we cannot render any legal services to clients/Users. We inform all clients/Users that we are just an online marketplace, and the services we provide are not, and should never be a substitute for legal services. Our Partners are not our employees and the services they provide are in their individual capacity.

For more details about our policies, check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

HousingNinja.com is an online property management platform by HousingNinja Advisory LLP.

HousingNinja Security

We maintain full data security and confidentiality of your personal details. Please check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details.

How does HousingNinja Work?

Property management from top real estate professionals in India – Consult, Hire, Track and Rate.
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