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Investor Consulting

Investor Consulting in India

Investor Consulting in India is one of most strategically important services offered at HousingNinja. The real estate sector in India will soon touch US $180 billion by 2020. The market size of the real estate sector will continue to grow at over 10% CAGR. In 2016, the real estate industry increased by 26% to cross $6 billion. The demand for commercial spaces and residential properties pushed India to rank fourth in developing Asia. Top developers in India are preparing to comply with new real estate laws and meet the rising demand. Investing in commercial and residential property in India is constantly increasing due to the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into India.

With changing regulatory framework in India, there is a growing interest in real estate in India. Investor consulting in India is important due to the changing landscape of real estate regulations in India. The RERA Act and the structural reforms in real estate will continue to improve transparency in the real estate sector in India. The Goods and Services Act (GST) and the Benami Act will continue to promote real estate in India. There is growing development of co-working spaces, commercial spaces and innovate real estate in India, which will further boost the real estate sector. Affordable housing in another major impact aspect for the real estate industry in India. With real estate investment trusts (REITs), smaller investors will find an easier route to invest in India. The market will move towards consolidation, as smaller players give way for sophisticated real estate players. At HousingNinja, we focus on providing the best real estate services across India by connecting you to qualified real estate professionals. At HousingNinja, we specialize in offering start-to-end real estate services. Each project is pre-vetted and all our properties come with verified title opinions from our Partner lawyers.

At HousingNinja our focus is to change the real estate market by bringing top real estate providers under one platform. Through collaboration, exchange of ideas, and data analytics, we are revolutionizing the property industry in India. To learn more, kindly Sign Up and fill out the investor consulting form. We will connect you immediately to our best Partner in your location who will provide guidance in property investment opportunities in India.

You can also check out our Real Estate Forum to find general answers to your property investment related questions. If you need more information about how our Partners provide investor consulting, kindly check our latest Blog section.