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Municipality Tax

Municipality Tax in India

Municipality tax or municipal tax in India is similar to property tax as it is levied by the government to collect taxes on the properties owned by you within the jurisdiction of the municipality. There is no uniform rate for municipal taxes as they vary from one state to another. Sometimes, municipal taxes are also known as house taxes, property taxes or local taxes. In villages or districts of India, where municipalities are not yet formed, the local panchayats collect municipal taxes in the form of panchayat taxes. However, in metropolitan cities of India, such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Pune, the local government do have municipalities who determine the tax that you have to pay on your properties. Some of the key factors that determine municipality taxes in India are: locality of the property, self-occupied or let out property, year of construction of the property, area of the property, use of property for commercial or residential purposes, owner or tenant of the property, and the nature of the building/property.

Municipality tax in India is very important for those who are residing in India, and also for those who are not currently residing in India, but have their residential properties in India. Municipal must be paid at the local municipal office and cannot be avoided. The local municipal office oversees assessment and collection of property taxes. The municipal office will determine the value of your property based on various factors, such as rental value of the property, age of the building and commercial or residential usage of the property. Most municipal offices have now introduced online payment of property taxes. Today, payment of municipal taxes is a simple process. With HousingNinja municipality tax services, you do not have visit the Municipal Corporation, nor do you have to spend the entire day waiting at the queue to pay your taxes. Further, HousingNinja services are not limited to only payment of municipal taxes. We will also file complaint, verify your property and ensure that you are not charged excessively by the Municipality. HousingNinja municipal tax services will assist you in self-assessment of property taxes, help in mutation of property, and we will also apply on your behalf for all types of land development certificates that you need from your local municipality.

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