HousingNinja focuses on providing real estate services/Assignment management, Assignment tracking, invoicing, and complete business management services for our Partners.


  • Assignment Management Dashboard
  • Our proprietary real estate services/Assignment management dashboard offers Partners connectivity to clients/Users, Assignment management, documents center, invoicing/billing, calendar/tasks scheduling, client communications, and analytic insights for real estate business profitability.

  • Transaction Execution
  • HousingNinja allows Partners to focus on their business, execute transactions, build client relations, while we build strategies to help our Partners grow their business.

  • Training and Business Growth
  • HousingNinja provides training, marketing, business management, and business growth opportunities to our Partners through our customized services and events.

  • Improved Transparency
  • HousingNinja offers real-time tracking of payments and collections, which allows Partners to higher profitability and transparent business insights.

    If you have any Partner queries, drop us an E-Mail at, and our team will get in touch with you.

    HousingNinja Security

    We maintain full data security and confidentiality of your personal details. Please check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details.

    How does HousingNinja Work?

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