Signing Up and registering on HousingNinja platform is absolutely free. We do not charge any fees from Users and Partners to register on our platform. Due to our online presence, we can run our business at low costs and transfer the cost-benefits to the end Users/clients. Our Partners are charged a per transaction service fee for using our platform that is based on a fixed percentage of the invoices generated on our platform. Our Partners can also opt for a monthly or yearly susbcription fee to reduce their overall costs and avail our discounted fees. We enter into specific contracts with our Partners to provide our services.

We strive to maintain transparency in our services, and to that extent we encourage our Partners to provide us a list of the services they offer along with their corresponding fees. We understand that all service fees cannot be pre-determined and we are aware of the complexities of real estate matters. However, we encourage our Partners to declare their fees for the ease of real estate transactions.

To send us a list of the services you provide, and their corresponding fees, Email us to, and our Partner relations team will get in touch with you.

HousingNinja Security

We maintain full data security and confidentiality of your personal details. Please check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details.

How does HousingNinja Work?

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