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Property Development

Property Development in India

Property Development in India is going through myriad changes as the government is trying to bring radical changes to the real estate sector. The new regulations and rules under the RERA Act is an attempt by the government to rein in irresponsible developers who have been delaying projects for years, using cash from pre-sold apartments to develop further properties. The real estate industry in India will lead to consolidation as big players engulf the smaller ones. However, the need of the hour is transparency, value for money, and setting realistic expectations. Demonetization and GST has already impacted the property sector, which will only allow buyers to feel confident about investing in properties. However, small developers without the financial muscle will suffer due to the innumerable number of approvals required from the government to approve a project. At HousingNinja, we understand both sides of the coin and we have developed our platform to help buyers as well as investors. Our services range from management of properties, invoicing, tracking of project progress, and complete legal solutions right from property due-diligence till the property is handed over with establishment of housing association.

The housing market in India has diverse needs for people from different income groups. At HousingNinja we are constantly developing solutions to meet the growing demand for commercial as well as residential properties in India. Property development in India follows specific guidelines which starts with the acquisition of land, acquiring various permission from different offices such as the land revenue office, estate manager, local municipality and various other interested parties. Once the property is cleared for development, the feasibility of the project should also be measured. In the property development business, it is very important for the developer to understand the demand for his final product so that he can sell it at the right price. Based on the market segment where the final housing or commercial units will be sold, the property developer should acquire the land, develop site plan, consider local development opportunities, retail or commercial spaces, and finally the feasibility study to assess the demand for end use of the property. In the property development process, a promoter or developer may have different roles in different projects. The developers do not have to participate in every aspect of the project development. This is where the expertise of HousingNinja can help developers to manage different aspects of the project. From site inspection, to preliminary market study, feasibility study, appraisal, and public approvals. HousingNinja specializes in engaging the best professionals in the real estate project. To learn more about how we can help, simply Sign Up and fill out the property development form. We will connect you immediately to our best Partner in your location who will provide guidance, advice and assistance.

You can also check out our Real Estate Forum to find general answers to your property development related questions. If you need more information about the latest developments in property development, kindly check our Blog section.