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Property Valuation in India

Property Valuation in India

If you are considering selling, buying or letting out your property in India, you must learn about the total worth of your property before you can set the right price for your property. Property valuation and market appraisals are critical for the growth value of your property. Some of the factors that affect the valuation of a property include location and amenities, infrastructure development, availability of land, affordability and structure. For example, valuation of a property is dependent on the layout, specifications of the materials used, and the kind of customization required by the buyer. Similarly, location of the property, presence of shopping malls, medical and educational facilities, public transport, IT offices, are important considerations that may spike the property prices.

Property valuation in India is important in several cases, such as divorce cases, in property buying/selling, or even while seeking loan against property mortgage. Most banks offer their own independent property valuers/surveyors to conduct the property valuation when you apply to mortgage property. Some of the reasons why property valuation is conducted are: sale and purchase, loan, stamp duty collection, portfolio management, and legal purposes. Valuation of property is required not only for residential properties, but is also conducted on behalf of banks and commercial businesses. Several financial institutes in India also conduct property valuation before they can approve a request for loan. At HousingNinja, we offer property valuation, building valuation, plant & machinery valuation, rental valuation, and capital tax valuation. Our services are provided to individuals, businesses, as well as government and non-government sectors. Property inspection, due diligence, and market rate calculations are carried out by HousingNinja surveyors and valuers to estimate the value of the property.

You can conduct your own personal property valuation analysis to ensure realistic and correct valuation. At HousingNinja we offer complete range of solutions in property valuation and estimation. You can simply Sign Up now and fill out the property valuation form to get in touch with our dedicated Partners.

If you are seeking general property valuation answers, you can also ask free questions in our Real Estate Forum. It is advised that if you are looking to learn more about Property Valuation, check out our latest Blog section. We are constantly curating the best information and articles from multiple real estate professionals across India.