To ensure the quality of services provided by our Partners, our rating system enables Users to rate the matters after they are completed. Users have the opportunity to submit ratings along with reviews that helps build the community of quality real estate professionals.

Ratings are given on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars representing the best service. Ratings and reviews should be honest and refelective of the overall service experienced by clients/Users. Our ratings are based on several factors including time-effectiveness, budget, communication, quality of work, and overall experience. Partners' overall rating is an average of individual ratings provided by the Users from most recent matters. Partners' overall rating is calculated by adding individual matter ratings together, and then dividing the total value by the total number of ratings received by the Partner.

While measuring the total ratings, cancelled matters, unaccepted matters, or matters where the Users have not given ratings are not factored in calculating the final ratings for our Partners. Ratings change based on the total number of matters. Partners should not be alarmed if there ratings are low initially. As the number of matters increase, ratings generally improve. Few low ratings intitally will not have any significant impact on overall ratings as they are only due to the low number of overall matters completed by a Partner. Ratings and reviews are posted as and when matters are completed by Users. Sometimes, Users may close/complete matters that have been actually completed/service delivered, earlier than the date of ratings. This might affect the total number of ratings and our Partners often see a sudden increase in ratings on days when they have not finished any matters or tasks.

If your ratings fall significantly, it may have an impact on your chance of being selected for matters. If your ratings fall considerably, our Partner Team will provide notifications and tips to improve your ratings. However, if your ratings continue to fall, even after you have been given several notifications, your partnership with HousingNinja may impact your overall business profitabilty. We will continue to strive and provide training classes to help our Partners improve their services and ratings. However, if you do not take any steps to improve your ratings, your Partner account may be deactivated to ensure that the quality of HousingNinja platform is not compromised. We may reactivate your account, if you take our training to improve your services.

You can improve your ratings by ensuring:

  • regular communication with Users
  • upfront payment terms and billing
  • breakdown of matter into smaller tasks
  • calendar scheduling of tasks
  • delivery of services on time
  • constant sharing of documents and files through our platform
  • Users leave ratings and reviews after completion of services
  • your profile is shared with friends on social media
  • regular participation in our Real Estate Forum
  • For more information about Partner Ratings or to learn about our partner training programs, Email us to partnerninja@housingninja.com, and our Partner relations team will get in touch with you.

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