Registering/SigningUp on HousingNinja platform is absolutely free. We do not charge any fees from Users and Partners to register on our platform. Due to our online presence, we can run our business at low costs and transfer the cost-benefits to the end Users/clients. We will never charge any fees from our Users for being a part of our HousingNinja family. Users only pay the Aissgnment Invoices as billed for by our Partners for the specific real estate services provided. Users and Partners can chat on HousingNinja platform to negotiate deliverables, pricing, mode of delivery of Assignments and all other matters related to the Assignment. However, all invoices have to be paid upfront to ensure guaranteed delivery of Assignment.

To maintain high quality of real estate services, we ask Users to complete, rate and review Assignments upon completion. This improves the reputation of the Partners and creates a benchmark for the quality of real estate services. We also offer refunds for Assignments that are not delivered. To learn more about our refund policies, check out our Terms of Use.

We strive to maintain complete security in on our HousingNinja platform, and we have build bank-grade security system to protect your information. To ensure we can continue to provide the services to Partners and Users, we charge our Partners a ten percent platform fee per month based on the total income generated on our platform in a month. To learn more about our fees, check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details.

For any further information about our rates and fees, drop us an Email to, and our team will get in touch with you.

HousingNinja Security

We maintain full data security and confidentiality of your personal details. Please check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details.

How does HousingNinja Work?

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